Our Corporate Background

Sri Lanka's unique geology, combined with its abundant natural rivers, makes it ideal for hydropower generation. Resus Energy PLC operates several small hydropower and solar power stations in Sri Lanka, combining cutting-edge technology with an environmentally responsible business model to generate renewable energy.

Resus Energy believes in delivering shared value that benefits all stakeholders as an organization that cares about people and the planet in fulfilment of our business goals. To that end, we make every effort to keep our carbon footprint low even as we expand our operations, and to ensure that none of our operations affect the environment.

We take immense satisfaction from our hydropower and solar power generation operations, and our ability to transmit over 50GWh of electricity to the nation's grid.

Our country is blessed with huge renewable energy potential, and we aim to harness part of it through expansion of our operations. While solar and hydropower is at the heart of our expansion strategy, we're also looking into other sustainable energy sources including solar, wind, and biomass.


· Integrity

· Innovation

· Sustainability

· Passion for achieving greatness

· Sense of value or importance

· Powering vibe of positivity


Investor Relations 



Resus Energy strives to build a commercially sustainable and energetic world-class organization that "cares for people and the planet" in meeting the energy needs of the people.


We generate power using renewable energy sources. In doing so, we create an organization that is: commercially sustainable and provides superior value to our shareholders; a challenging and fulfilling work environment for our employees; and cares for stakeholders and our natural environment.


Resus Energy won Silver in the Power and Energy Sector for the third consecutive year at 2017 Annual Report Awards organized by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka.


Sustainability Awards
Runner Up - Power and Energy Sector
Sustainability Reporting Awards 2017

National Green Awards
Bronze Award - Renewable Energy Generation Projects Sector
Presidential Environment Awards 2017
Central Environmental Authority