people & planet responsibilities

As a leading renewable energy development company in Sri Lanka, we consider communities surrounding our projects are integral parts of our development and operational activities. We have built strong relationships with them based on mutual trust and benefit.

As a policy ingrained in the Resus Energy Code of Ethics, we maintain an honest and transparent relationship with communities that we engage with and we strive to deliver what we have promised them.

The villagers, on their part, often keenly engage in the course of project development and our team shares day to day working life with the surrounding community.

We also offer employment opportunities to the nearby villagers during the project development phase and then permanent employment once the plants are operational. We continually contribute and provide sponsorships for the community programmes of the villages surrounding our activities and engage in various other livelihood development activities. Every project development budget includes a considerable allocation for community development activities.


    March 10th, 2015
    Striving to be self-sufficient in meeting the food requirements of staff at the power plants is encouraged. We operate a couple of green houses for this purpose and the vegetation there is mostly organic.
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  • Building Access Road and Causeways to Imewatta

    January 1st, 2015
    Building Access Road and Causeways to Imewatta
    Construction of a 1.5Km Long access road to Imewatta village in Maliboda along with several culverts and causeways, which benefits nearly 25 families living in the village. Built along Magal Ganga, the road provides the villagers of Imewatta with speedy access to Maliboda and other towns around it and...
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